These are the people who power Spokes. They meet monthly to discuss upcoming submissions on Christchurch City Council plans that affect cycling and cyclists, lobbying activities and sometimes listen to presentations from staff at Christchurch City Council, Central Christchurch Development Unit and any other officials with the time to talk to the Core committee.

Any member is allowed to attend a Core meeting but membership of the Core group is controlled by the Membership Officer, currently Clare Simpson.



Spokes Exec

I am the current Chairperson of Spokes Canterbury and can be contacted on 021 280 9535.

A cyclist as a youth but re-born after studying transport policy at Lincoln in 2002-4.

Love cycling as a commuter and cycle touring, I have also been known to enter races but struggle to take them seriously (that means I am not very good).

I work as an accountant so I can enjoy time on the bike at the weekend. My three kids have left home and my wife will join me on cycling recreation activities so what more can you ask for?

We have a blueberry farm that my wife is working on full time so summers are busy selling blueberries.



Secretary & Membership Officer
Spokes Exec

Career Project Manager, now managing my transition to a slightly early retirement.

Commuter all-weather cyclist for much of my working life – mainly London and Christchurch.

Recently switched to an ebike (in good weather only) to overcome my body’s aging.

Early member of Christchurch Coastal Pathway Group and activist for making Peacock’s Gallop safe for pedestrians and bikers after the 2011 earthquake.

Still love riding downhill!!



Spokes Core

I have spent much of my working life in Christchurch practicing as a Pharmacist. Cycling as much as possible is a bit of a passion for me, beginning in the 1960’s riding to school in North Canterbury. I appreciated the convenience and economics of work commuting whilst living and working in London and dabbled in some simple cycle tourism whilst overseas.

Since the Christchurch earthquakes it has become obvious to me how important it is to have a cycle friendly city to live in , whether it be for a resilient city, a clean and friendlier city, or for the convenience ofsimply getting from A to B in style. Fitness is an added bonus. I am loving the Great New Zealand Rides and enjoy riding a mountain bike on gentle hills in beautiful places.



Spokes Core

I've lived in Christchurch for a lot of my life and have biked pretty much everywhere since I was a child.  That is still happening quite some years later, although I'm now often assisted by a spot of electricity and a small motor - something that helps me get up the hill each evening or maintain a reasonable speed when going into a strong headwind.  That's a good thing because I live out in Halswell and can now get pretty much anywhere I need to around the city without worrying about running out of energy or time,

I work as a social scientist and am most interested in helping to organise cycling advocates so that together we can make the change that we want to see.  It is much stronger than working as a small group or as an ucoordinated  bunch of individuals.



Spokes Core

I discovered the joy of urban cycling whilst living in Shanghai. Without any rules or barriers to getting on a bike and moderately safe infrastructure, cycling was the easiest method to navigate the city, make friends and get a good dose of fresh air and exercise.

On trips back to New Zealand, I saw a huge gap in urban cycling and knew that, in a flat city like Christchurch more people should be cycling. I work hard to remove the stigma associated with cycling in New Zealand and make it more accessible, chic and fun for everyone, especially women.

I opened Action Bicycle Club late 2015 to further my passion for cycling and get everyday people riding everyday bikes, for profit of people and the planet.



Spokes Core

My working career started in 2001 with the manufacturing and sales of electric bicycles. That job has given me the good fortune of being able to travel around the world : visiting most of Western Europe, a great many states in America, Australia, China and so on..

The ability of the humble bicycle to profoundly shape and improve the well being of people and their cities continues to inspire me to advocate for cycling where ever I go, I believe Christchurch can be among the best cycling cities of the world.