More people cycling everyday

Spokes Canterbury is a cycling advocacy group, based in Christchurch. It is dedicated to including cycling as an everyday form of transport within local and regional planning in Canterbury, and in particular the Greater Christchurch area. It was established in 1998, as a successor to the former Canterbury Cyclists’ Association.

Spokes’ many longstanding advocates include transportation professionals and (most importantly) regular cyclists. Spokes provides regular feedback from a cyclist’s perspective on various transportation and planning issues from local Councils and other agencies.

Spokes has representatives on Christchurch City Council’s Road Safety Committee, Central City Transport Working Group, and Environment Canterbury’s Regional Land Transport Committee and Public Transport Advisory Group.

By 2025, Christchurch will be considered one of the top 5 cycle cities in the world.

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission: Promote the bicycle for everyday transportation.

Vision: By 2025, Christchurch will be considered one of the top 5 cycle cities in the world.

Goals: Establish a comprehensive, connected, community-centred cycle network as well as encourage increased use of bicycles in Christchurch

As well as our direct membership of well over 1000 members, Spokes indirectly represent over 15,000 people within the Greater Christchurch area who typically use cycling for transport every day (to work, education, shopping, etc), an estimated 100,000 residents who regularly cycle for recreation, and of course the many people who would like to cycle but feel forced not to because of the existing environment in Greater Christchurch.

Financial Support

Membership of Spokes is currently free; if you wish to financially support cycling provision both in Canterbury and New Zealand:

Join the Cycling Advocates’ Network – see www.can.org.nz/join/ – A portion of CAN subscriptions from local members comes back to Spokes to help us carry out activities locally.

Click on the Donate Now button and make a donation.

We are a group of volunteers who donate our time to make cycling safe for everyone. Funding helps us buy stationery, improve our knowledge of best practice by attending workshops and fora, host events to share knowledge etc.

How can you be involved?