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It's Never Been Easier or Better

Start riding your bike today

Riding a bike to get around is rapidly gaining popularity all around the world, New Zealand, Canterbury and in Christchurch. Once you've given it a go its easy to see why... fast travel times, cost savings, health benefits, environmental stewardship and just plain fun! Christchurch is famous for being the Cycling City of New Zealand, with 7% of the working population biking to work and many students also biking to school. Take advantage of the flat terrain, new cycleway infrastructure and be part of a better lifestyle today.

How To Guide

Start riding your bike today

Buying a Bicycle
Christchurch has some great independent bicycle stores with extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Just want a cheap bike that works?  RAD bikes have a generous selection of fixed up second hand bikes available in exchange for a koha.

Electric bikes are great for working professionals but it can be a daunting process with so many models and systems available. Do your research and read some reviews first. Visit your local bike shop to answer any queries and test ride the bikes they have on offer. Some bike store might offer extended test rides so you can get a better understanding of how bikes perform beyond a quick run down the street.

If you have a bike sitting at home but haven’t ridden it in a while give your bike a quality service before you hit the road. Your local bike store will offer various levels of bike servicing. If you would like to learn to do it yourself,  RADbikes run an open workshop.

A good lock is a quality investment. You may want a bell and mirrors or perhaps a rear rack for panniers to reduce the weight on your shoulders. Mudguards will keep the mud off your back and a repair kit is handy for the omnipresent glass in cycle lanes.

Front and rear lights are essential for cyclist on New Zealand roads. If you bike doesn’t come with a set of lights grab yourself some that can clip onto your bike or helmet.

The law requires you to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle (this includes any passengers you are carrying). The most common cyclist injuries that cause death are head injuries, so protecting your head is important. Follow the NZTA guide when buying a helmet.


Have an old bike or bike parts you are not using?   Consider donating these to RADbikes.