Waterloo Road Safety Improvements

Ref: https://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-council/haveyoursay/show/439 Introduction “Spokes” – Spokes Canterbury (http://www.spokes.org.nz/) – is a local cycling advocacy group with approximately 1,200 followers.  Spokes is affiliated with the national Cycling Action Network (CAN – https://can.org.nz/).  Spokes is dedicated to including cycling as an everyday form of transport in the greater Christchurch and Canterbury areas. We would like the opportunity […]

Worcester Street cycleway connection (CCC – 488)

Spokes Submission to CCC on Worcester Street cycleway connection https://ccc.govt.nz/the–council/haveyoursay/show/488 Introduction Spokes Canterbury (http://www.spokes.org.nz/) is a local cycling advocacy group with approximately 1,200 members and is affiliated with the national Cycling Action Network (CAN – https://can.org.nz/).  Spokes is dedicated to including cycling as an everyday form of transport in the greater Christchurch area. We would […]

Linwood Village streetscape plan (CCC – 486)

(Re: https://ccc.govt.nz/the-council/haveyoursay/show/486) Fri 4/03/2022 11:00 a.m. Hi Hannah and CCC team As discussed here is our late but acceptable submission in terms of timeliness. On balance Spokes really likes this set of changes and is excited to see these changes and further changes mooted for Worcester St per https://ccc.govt.nz/the-council/haveyoursay/show/488. For cyclists Worcester St offers a […]


CCC Riccarton Road Speed Reduction

A quick and easy sub due in on Monday 10 February. Speed Limit Reductions for Riccarton Road https://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-council/consultations-and-submissions/haveyoursay/show/285 This feeble attempt to implement safer roads in Christchurch, while appreciated, confirms the problem of timidity at Council which fails to deliver. Riccarton Road is busy, congested and unsafe at 50km/h. Serving many local shops and the […]

tram bike crash

CCC High Street

Yet another project focused on offering on street parking. For one key block this is a priority cycle route. Even if you avoid this area now, please consider making a submission to help others who have to cycle here. Link : https://ccc.govt.nz/the-council/consultations-and-submissions/haveyoursay/show/234 due 10.6 DRAFT SUB Thank you for trying to make the best of […]

A cyclist was spat at after being nearly run off the road in central Christchurch last week. (Kirk Hargreaves)

CCC Victoria Street

Spokes-CCC Victoria St Sub Due in 27 May https://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-council/consultations-and-submissions/haveyoursay/show/175 Victoria Street is a designated cycle route. This plan offers unsafe infrastructure to preserve on street parking. Your submission is needed. Use your own words, tell your stories of cycling hard up against parked cars while squeezed in by cars. Draft Submission Public Sentiment and City […]

urban traffic

CCC CNC DEMP Northern Arterial

Subs due 15 April link https://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-council/consultations-and-submissions/haveyoursay/show/226 With millions already spent to create car dependency and gridlock it will take lots of submissions to stop this madness. Help out the neighbourhoods in the north east of Christchurch while also working for better cycling infrastructure. Even a simple sub stating non support and asking for public and […]

on st car parks

CCC Annual Plan 2019

CCC Annual Plan     Due 1 April Please make a sub Now. Even a short sub counts and Spoke’s sub is counted as one by Council. Link https://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-council/consultations-and-submissions/haveyoursay/show/227 The link provides links to both the summary and complete draft Long Term Plans. Spokes supports Council’s moving forward the completion dates of Major Cycle Routes, MCR’s. Spokes […]

CCC MCR S Express 19 Map

CCC MCR Southern Express

This is a large much needed project. The first parts are covered here with the last sections leading to Hagley park to come. Link to Council Have Your Say Due in by 1 April https://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-council/consultations-and-submissions/haveyoursay/show/215 Overview The first take on it is that is more complicated than required. A quiet streets sharrows approach would work […]