Objectives of Spokes

1. Provide a voice for Canterbury cycling community

2. Work for improved conditions for cycling

3. Present the case for cycling in public debate to relevant authorities

4. Encourage increased use of bicycles


Our Expertise

Traffic planning & engineering, transport research, social research, community development, policy analysis, cycling history, submission writing, community health


Our Legacy

Active involvement in Christchurch transport issues for over 20 years (considerably longer than anyone working in transport in the CCC, Environment Canterbury and CERA). We approach issues with collaborative problem solving, creating win-win solutions.

Policy Interest Areas

Cycling Cycling Strategy for Christchurch City

Transport Major Cycleways Project

Christchurch Transport Plan

Roads of National Significance

Greater Christchurch Travel Demand Management Strategy

Public Transport

Urban Planning Annual Draft Plan

Central City Plan

Long Term Christchurch City Plan

Urban Development Strategy


Key Stakeholders and Affiliations

Key Stakeholders:

Automobile Association, Chch City Council, CDHB, Otakaro, Regenerate Chch, Environment Canterbury, NZ Transport Agency, NZ Trucking Assn


Cycling Action Network (CAN), Frocks on Bikes, ICEcycles