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Cycle Route Submissions

Visit our submissions page to view the latest ongoing discussions regarding cycle routes of Christchurch

John Kirk Anderson

Intersection Improvements

Council is reviewing on how to improve traffic intersection for all users. Have your say!



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Month long festival of cycling in Christchurch

Hop on your bike this spring and be part of our exciting cycling programme. Alongside large-scale organised events like the NZ Bike Expo, we’re planning group rides large and small, bike workshops, fun social events and activities for the whole family.


Sales for Outdated Inventory

No one may read an essay- measured review. A typical review ought to be informative, but tend not to feel like you should make a strong point about the picture. Opening a review with a description of an exotic setting, for instance is 1 way to acquire a significant component the boilerplate from your strategy […]


CCC Cashmere/Hoon Hay/Worsleys Roads

This intersection is the access point for the Adventure Park and to mountain bike trails in the Port Hills. It is long overdue for attention. Submissions can be sent to Do include your name, address, phone, organisation affiliation, if any and if you would like to speak to your submission. Link to submission document […]

priorities in transit

Hospital Corner Full Submission

12 August 2017   RE:        Otakaro Ltd. Hospital Corner Submission   SUBMISSION FROM SPOKES CANTERBURY Spokes Canterbury is a local cycling advocacy group with approximately 1,200 members that is affiliated with the national Cycling Advocates Network (CAN). All submissions are developed online and include member’s input. Spokes is dedicated to including cycling as an […]


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