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Church Square Speed Limit

This closes tomorrow, 11 December Spokes submission below made to Council on 11 December Spokes supports Council in recognizing that density and multi modal use in this residential area requires a lower speed limit. Slower speeds can make the roads feel safer for those on foot and bicycle while also signalling drivers to slow […]

Dyers Pass Speed Limit

Dyers Pass from Cashmere/Centaurus to Lyttleton Speed reduction to 60 Km/h Due by 18 December Spokes thanks Council for taking the initiative to make this narrow winding road a bit safer. With more people on bicycles accessing the Port Hills and even more commuting from Lyttleton to Christchurch via Dyers Pass Road this speed limit […]

CCC Woolston Park Transport Plan

Draft Sub, please comment ASAP as due on 13 December. thanks Spokes appreciates Councils efforts to improve safety and encourage students to cycle and walk to Te Waka Unua School. To best realize the benefits of this project encouraging walking and cycling Council will need to make sure that the connections to both Linwood Ave […]


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Month long festival of cycling in Christchurch

Hop on your bike this spring and be part of our exciting cycling programme. Alongside large-scale organised events like the NZ Bike Expo, we’re planning group rides large and small, bike workshops, fun social events and activities for the whole family.


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